Plain City, UT Private Plane Loses Wing And Crashes, Oct 1960


A three-man investigating panel from the Federal Aviation Agency is probing today for the cause of a spectacular plane crash Saturday in Plain City which killed two civilians when the plane plummeted into a corn field minus a wing.
The crew from the FAA offices in San Francisco is headed by JACK BROWN and is headquartered at Hill Air Force Base.
Meanwhile, the scene of the crash, a corn field owned by PAUL KNIGHT of 1874 N. 400 W., is being guarded by members of the Weber County Jeep Patrol.
The wind that fell, carrying with it one of the plane's two engines, completely blocked a road from the Plain City cemetery and created a serious fire hazard because of spilled fuel from the wing tanks.
The wing was removed from the highway by jeep patrol members.
FAA investigators are searching through a sea of charred and burned debris, scatterd over a wide area extending in all directions from the 20 to 30-foot crater made when the plane hit the ground.
Enroute To Hill.
The plane, a C46, was enroute to Hill Air Force Base from Rapid City, S.D., carrying about 10,000 pounds of Air Force cargo and was under contract to the Air Force by Capitol Airways of Berry Field, Nashville, Tenn.
Killed instantly were the pilot and co-pilot, identified at REED A. BURT, 42, Salt Lake City, and Oliver N. CHADWELL, JR., Edmonton, Okla.
The crash and the movement of the plane moments before the crash took place place [sic] in full view of several eye witnesses.
The height of the plane and its apparent trouble drew the attention of several who said they saw the wing drop off and then saw the plane plunge to the ground, bursting into flames.
The intense heat of the fire made it impossible for anyone to attempt rescuing crew members and their bodies were so badly broken it was impossible for officials at the sceme to determine the size of the crew.

Ogden Standard Examiner Utah 1960-10-17