Logan, UT Bank Fire, Apr 1912

Fire Consumes Bank Building

Thatcher Bros. Suffer the Loss of Imposing Structure - Securities and Money Are Safe

One of the most disastrous fires in the history of Cache Valley was that which consumed the elegant building owned by the Thatcher Banking company at Logan Wednesday and which entailed a property loss of $100,000. The origin of the fire is said to have occurred in the basement, but how, is still a problem.

The building in addition to housing the bank, the city offices, Sumner Hatch Real Estate, Promontory Curlew Land Co. John A. Crockett abstractor, and the Golden Rule, contained the elegant Opera House which has been the rendezvous of the pleasure going patrons of the temple city.

The building was built twenty three years ago at a cost of $70,000. In those days wooden beams were mainly used. The building while not of the latest style of architecture, was solidly constructed and was one of the imposeig [sic] structures of the city.

Today nothing but the walls remain - except the wall on the east over the Opera house entrance, twenty feet of that having fallen.

The bank opened business as usual in the temporary quarters where the city electric light company used to be a few doors west of the corner.

In conversation with President Hatch over the phone, that gentleman said: "The bank is in splendid shape. That after taking into consideration all of the details and figuring in the insurance, we shall probably come out with an actual loss of $12,000. The vault was opened at 11 'clock this (Thursday) morning, and everything was found intact, all the notes, securities money, adding macines [sic], typewriters and other stuff being safe. We have had many telegrams from our correspondents offering help if needed, and we have wired back that we were in good shape and did not need help, although we thank them for their consideration. Some of our patrons up north seemed a little nervous as it had been told them that we had lost everything. But our daily statement today indicating that we were only $28,000 less than the million mark, gives no cause for alarm, and is the best indication of our financial stability. Several gentlemen having offices in the building lost personal papers, but the bank's paper was all saved and intact."

The loss of the elegant play house will be felt by Logan people, and it is safe to say, that in view of the scanty support given the historic house, that none will be built for some time as financiers care not to invest in none [sic] paying propositions.

The Thatcher Banking company is one of the rock ribbed financial institutions of the state of Utah, and as soon as matters are adjusted, the magnificient [sic] corner on Center street will be occupied by a building of magnificient [sic] proportion.

The Preston Booster, Preston, ID 18 Apr 1912


Logan, Utah

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