Springville, UT Train Wreck, Oct 1897

Wreck at springville.

There was another rear end wreck of sheep cars at Springville early Sunday morning, which resulted in the death of J. E. THOMPSON, a brakeman, and about fifty head of sheep. Four cars were demolished.

The accident was due to a fairure [sic] on the part of trainman to place proper signals on a section of a freight train left standing on the main line.

At 3:50 a. m. train No. 22, Conductor RIPLEY and Engineer BLANCHARD, pulled into the yards from the north and got stuck. No. 22 consisted of about a score of loaded stock cars and a large number of empties, and was pulled by a passenger engine.

The conductor, to lighten the train presumably, pulled the empties out on a siding, leaving the live stock section on the main line.

Before the switches was finished No. 18, Conductor PIERCE in charge, entered the yards, also from the north, and a few moments later engine No. 35 was crashing into the stock cars, strewing death and destruction about.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1897-10-11