Black Rock, UT Train Wreck, Dec 1886

Railroad disaster.

An accident occurred on the Utah & Nevada road near Black Rock on Wednesday morning which resulted in the wrecking of a train and the killing of conductor ADAM BROWN. The train, consisting of an engine and five cars, was running at the usual speed past Kessler's ranch, when it was struck by a powerful blast of wind and lifted clear of the track and landed with the exception of the engine in the gutter. There were some 15 passengers aboard, several of whom were badly bruised, but none were injured fatally. A few minutes before the crash, Conductor BROWN was seen standing on one of the car platforms, and when a search was made for him he was discovered crushed to death under the capsized cars. Among those who received injuries were DR. J. M. BENEDICT, REV. J. G. GILLILAND of Tooele (?), L. C. JOHNSON of the Pacific Express Company, J. F. BRIM of Ophir, MISS. DR. ATKIN of Nephi, MRS. C. J. SULLIVAN of Park city and her three small children.

Conductor BROWN, deceased, was a very popular railroad man, and is tolerably known throughout the West. He was near 36 (?) years of age and leaves a wife and four small children who are now living in Salt Lake.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1886-12-21