LeMay, UT Train Wreck, Jan 1910


Trains Collide, Causing Death of Four and Injury of Twelve.

Ogden, Utah --- Four men killed twelve injured some seriously, and destruction of railroad property valued at $10,000, tells the story of the worst railroad wreck on the Salt Lake division of the Southern Pacific in ten years.

An eastbound passenger train traveling thirty miles an hour, collided head on with an extra coal train at Lemay, Utah, a station eighty miles west of Ogden, at 3:31 Monday morning, and as the crash died away the air was filled with the shrieks and moans of the dying and injured, while passengers, suddenly awakened by the impact, were thrown from their berths and seats in confusion. The collision was caused by the head brakeman of the freight train, which had taken the siding neglecting to close the switch. All of the killed and injured were trainmen.

Carbon County Utah 1910-01-21


Terrible wreck

Monday morning at about 3:30 o'clock, a wreck occurred on the Southern Pacific railroad in this county about 80 miles west of Ogden, caused by an east bound passenger train running into an open switch and crashing into a standing freight train loaded with coal.

The engine and tender of the freight train was lifted into the air and placed in a car of coal, the tender resting on the second car back and the engine rearing into the air on the first car. The engine of the passenger train did not leave the rails, but was completely demolished by the collision.

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