Mill Creek, UT Fire, Aug 1901

Fire at mill creek.

One of the worst fires that has visited Mill Creek occurred at 10 o'clock Thursday night, when the postoffice and store of HANS MILLER CHRISTENSEN was completely gutted and contents destroyed. The origin of the fire is a mystery. So quickly did the flames spread that it was even impossible to save a delivery wagon in a shed adjacent to the store. The flames made a grand spectacle as they leaped toward the sky and the fire could be plainly seen from Murray and was witnessed by Oscar Boden and family who were returning home about that time. MR. CHRISTENSEN is said to have carried $1,000 insurance on the building and contents. The loss is placed by him at $[unreadable] being merchandise stock $[unreadable] and building $1,000.

American Eagle Murray Utah 1901-08-31