Shale, UT Train Wreck, Nov 1896

Wreck on the R. G. W.

Passenger No. 2 Derailed Near Shale.

Engineer GOODE and Fireman GRUNDY Were Bruised and the Fireman Seriously Injured -- Bad Blockade.

Lower Crossing, Utah, Nov. 16. --- Passenger train No. 2, eastbound, was thrown from the track early this evening at Shale, a lonely siding a short distance west of the Ruby telegraph station of the Rio Grande Western.

Only meager particulars are obtainable, but from what can be learned the engine is lying across the track and badly damaged, and the express and mail cars are piled up in bad shape. It is believed that the express car and contents are almost a total loss.

No fatalities so far as known, though Engineer GOODE and Fireman BRUNDY were badly shaken up. GRUNDY is said to be seriously injured.

Owing to a deep cut where the wreck occurred, a temporary track cannot be laid. Traffic on the road will be blocked many hours.

Davis County Clipper Utah 1896-11-20.