Ogden, UT Train - Automobile Wreck, Feb 1910

When the trains came together the motor car climbed up the front of the passenger engine and stood on end for a few moments, then slid back onto, the track again. The passengers were hurled onto the floor, jammed under the seats and piled up in the end of the car, and every seat was torn loose from the floor.

The engine of the passenger train was badly damaged also. The motorman on the gasoline wagon, jumped for his life thus saving it, when he saw that a collision was not to be avoided.

Among the injured were MISS MARY JEPPESEN of Salt Lake City, sister to MR. JOS. B. JEPPESEN of Mantua, who was on her way to her brother, having received the sad intelligence that his wife had passed away. MISS JEPPESEN was taken to the Ogden General Hospital, and her injuries are internal, but whether serious or not the physicians attending was not able to say as late as yesterday morning.

MRS. A. A. NICHOLS of Tremonton and her daughter MISS MAY WALSWORTH of Los Angeles, were also among the passengers of the motor who were bruised and cut about the body. There were several others injured, but none from this county.

In wrecks and accidents, strange things often happen. Sitting beside MISS JEPPESEN, when the trains came together, was a lady friend who was accompanying her to Mantua. The friend didn't receive so much as a scratch, and come on with MISS JEPPESEN'S brother yesterday morning.

The responsibility of the wreck has been placed upon the conductor and motorman of the motor car, both of whom have been on “the carpet” and dismissed from the service.

After the collision, the other motor car was run out of the round house, and the passengers who were able to make the trip, continued on their journey. The wrecked engine and motor car were taken to the hospital for repairs.

Box Elder County News Utah 1910-02-10