Soldier's Summit, UT Train Wreck, May 1890

Railroad wreck.

A Train on the R. G. W.

A wreck occurred this morning near Soldier's Summit on the westbound R. G. W. freight train. The grade at this point is very steep, being about 220 feet to the mile. An extra engine had been sent from Clear Creek to help the east bound train up the grade and was on the return trip. As the freight train, which was following the lone engine, was coming down the grade, the air brakes gave way and a collision was the result. Both engines were side tracked and sixteen cars were ditched. Several of the brakemen leaped from the flying train and others were thrown off. As near as can be learned, about eight men were hurt, but none were killed. One of the men were stunned and remained unconscious for about two hours. As the train passed through Provo, two of the injured men were seen, and as an eye witness describes them, one looked like he had been scalped, and the face of the other resembled a piece of raw beef.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1890-05-30