Nerva, UT Train Wreck, Jan 1917


A carload of school children on their way to attend school at Willard, were crashed into Wednesday morning at a point just this side of Nerva, a station on the O. L. & I. [?] Railroad just south of Willard.

From the best accounts of the accident, the passenger car had been making stops to take on school children and had passed a work train on the siding at Nerva. There was a heavy fog and when the passenger train pulled on the work train left the switch and started north. The rate of speed was not properly guaged [sic] for almost without warning the work train overhauled the passenger and crashed into the rear end crushing the vestibule as though it were an egg shell. When he saw the passenger looming up ahead of him Motorman JOHNSON of the work train set the brakes and jumped back into the car thus saving his life for the vestibule was completely demolished.

A great many children were standing in the aisles of the passenger train and they were thrown about by the impact of the collision, some of them getting cut about the face and body while other passengers were jarred severely and cut by flying glass. One man, a Greek laborer by name PETE FRIZZA was seated in the car of the work train with his mouth open and the force of the impact threw him forward closing his mouth with a snap that severed part of his tongue. LAVERN CALL, aged 10 and LAVOY CALL, aged 6 years, son and daughter of MR. And MRS. WILLIAM CALL of Willard and EDITH MARSH, 15 year old daughter of MR. And MRS. JOHN MARSH were the most severely injured among the passengers on the front car. They were rushed to the hospital in Ogden for treatment as were a number of other children who were not so seriously injured.

Box Elder County News Utah 1917-01-12