Heber City, UT Gun Accident, Oct 1881

Accidental death.

A communication from a correspondent at Heber City, Wasatch Co., Utah, contains an account of a fatal accident which took place near that city on the evening of Oct. 8, 1881. A young man by the name of SAMUEL OGDEN, who had for some time been in the employ of MacMiller & Co., at the saw mill in Daniel's Creek, came to his death while alone at the mill. It being Saturday night, the employees had left early, leaving the deceased in charge of the mill. When last seen prior to the sad event, he was in the act of cleaning a gun, which, to all appearances, burst while being fired by the unfortunate young man. When found, he was indeed in a pitiful condition, one eye having been entirely carried away, the cheek fearfully lacerated, and the head and face otherwise bruised. He was immediately conveyed to Heber city and placed under medical aid, but in vain, as death came within seven hours after the accident. An inquest was held before Henry Clegg, J. P. for that precinct, resulting in a verdict of accidental death from the bursting of a gun held in the hands of the deceased.

Being a young man much respected by his fellow workmen his death was treated with universal regret. No clue is known as to the whereabouts of his relatives, except the testimony of one who had heard him incidentally state that his father was _____ [?] somewhere south, supposed to be in Spanish Fork.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1881-10-15