Rutland, VT Train Wreck, Jan 1874


Rutland, Vt., Jan. 27.---At an early hour this morning the down night express on the Rutland and Burlington Railroad met with a severe mishap at a point about three miles north of this place. The accident was caused by a broken journal. The last car, which was the New-York sleeping coach, was thrown from the tracks and dragged a distance of 150 yards before the train could be stopped. Before the stoppage was made the car was thrown upon its side and dragged a short distance in that way. There were some twenty-five or thirty persons in the car at the time of the accident, of whom the following were injured: A. S. Merchant, of Burlington, bruised around the hip and across the breast; Senator Dickson, of New-York, slightly cut with glass and bruised; and E. C. Sherman, of Rutland ankle sprained and otherwise injured. The track was blocked about twelve hours, but trains are now passing.

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Jan 1874