Burlington, VT Taxicab Wreck, Jun 1918

Wins Out in Tussle With Death.

Arthur Bessette, a taxicab driver, won out in a tussle with death on the Lower road near Burlington.

Tearing along from the Post, whither he had deposited passengers but a few moments previously, the steering gear of the car which he was driving broke, the car turned a half circle, continued on its course and entered the woods near the brick yard, but a few yards from a drop of several feet.

So great was the momentum behind the car that a telephone pole was snapped in two, a wire fence, bushes and small trees went down as it levelled by a 42-centimeter gun. When the car came to a standstill, its rear was many feet inside where the wire fence previously had obstructed entrance.

The car was very badly damaged.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 4 Jul 1918