Bennington, VT Trains Collide Head On, Sept 1912

Bennington, VT Train Wreck, Sept 1912


Three Are Dead and Eleven Are Injured Near Bennington.

Bennington, Sept. 9. -- In a head-on collision a mile north of the railway station, two persons were killed and nearly a score injured, one fatally.  The accident occurred when a passenger train on the Rutland railroad from Troy ran into a southbound milk train.  Both locomotives were wrecked and two cars of the passenger train were telescoped.

The milk train was an hour late. It had the right of way and was running at a good speed.  The passenger train, having just left the station here, had not gained much headway.  Nearly all of the passengers in the partly filled coaches were more or less injured.  The milk train carried a passenger coach in the rear, but its occupants, with two exceptions, escaped with a slight shaking up.

The railroad officials at Rutland say the blame for the wreck probably rests on the crew of the local as the milk train had the right of way.

The dead are:

Archie Gokay, 30 years, Rutland, engineer of the passenger train.

Dean Densmore, 23 years, Troy N. Y. fireman of the passenger train

Charles Waddell, Rutland, engineer of the milk train, died in Troy hospital.

The injured are:

James H. Shafelt, conductor of the passenger train, injuries to chest, face and arms.

Thomas Slattery, baggageman on passenger train, shoulder broken, numerous cuts and bruises.

William Whittaker, fireman of milk train, cuts and bruises, condition not serious.

Frank Purcell, Troy, N. Y., passenger, head cut.

Antonio Giovani, North Bennington, injuries about head and face.

Harry Robuck, Bennington, injuries to head and shoulders.

Lewis Horton, Albany, N. Y., back hurt.

Edward Collins, South Shaftsbury, badly injured internally.

George Warren, Rutland, head cut, injuries not serious.

William Landon, Pittsfield, Mass., passenger on the milk train, head cut.

C. J. Scoville, New York, traveling salesman, passenger on milk train, head cut.

St. Albans Messenger, St. Albans, VT 12 Sept 1912