Chase City, VA Fire, Oct 1903

Chase City Fire-Swept

About $25,000 Damage In The Business Part of Town.

Less Than Half Insured

Second Time The Same Part Of The Town Has Been Burned Over-Buildings Were All Frame.

[Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun.]
Richmond, Va., Oct. 27.-A fire which broke out in Chase City at 4 o’clock this morning swept the business part of the town and did about $25,000 damage. The insurance will not cover half the loss.

The fire was in the old part of the town, where the buildings were frame, and it was practically wiped out. This is the second time that this section of the town had been burned. The estimates losses and insurance are:

B.A. Roberts & Sons, building and stock, $7,000 insurance $3,500.
Tisdale’s estate $2,000, insurance $1,000.
Mrs. E.F. Berry, $1,300, insurance $1,000.
Mrs. E.V. Coleman, warehouse, loss $2,000 insurance $1,000.
Pruden & Hutcheson, damage to stock $3,000 fully insured.
Osborn & Brothers, damage to stock $5,000 no insurance.
Other losers were about $3,000, with no insurance.

Chase city is a thriving town of about 800 population in Mecklenburg county and is about 80 miles southwest from Richmond.

Sun, Baltimore, MD 28 Oct 1903


Another Fire at Chase City.

Richmond, Va., Oct. 27.-A disastrous fire occurred at Chase City to-day. What remained from a former fire of the older part of town was practically swept away. The losers are B.A. Roberts & Sons, Hughes & Davis, Tisdales estate, C.S. Watson, Tom Gee, Mrs. E.F. Berry, Mrs. E.V. Coleman, Mrs. J.S. Haggle, Pruden & Hutcheson, Ogburn & Brother & Gregory. The total loss is placed at $24,000. The insurance is $10,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Oct 1903