Danville, Va., Auto Accident. Jul. 1923

Danville, Va., Auto Accident. Jul. 1923

Car Turns Over In Peculiar Way; Dr. C. W. Irving Hurt

Dr. C. W. IRVING sustained four broken ribs, when his Chevrolet automobile, in which he, Mrs. IRVING and Pitcher TWOMBLY, all of this city, were occupants, turned over yesterday afternoon about six miles this side of Reidsville. Dr. IRVING also received bruises about the body, but Mrs. IRVING and Mr. TWOMBLY escaped injury. The party were on their way to Greensboro to witness the game there yesterday afternoon between Danville and the Gate City team.

The accident occurred in a very peculiar way. It took place on a detour made necessary by road construction. The accident was a peculiar one for the reason that the machine turned over on an absolutely level road. Dr. IRVING stated this morning that he was traveling at about 20 or 25 miles per hour when the rear right tire came off the wheel. The wheels skidded and this threw the left rear tire off also, throwing the car crosswise the road. In trying to get machine straightened out again, the left front wheel buckled and the car toppled over right there on the level road. Dr. IRVING was rendered unconscious for several minutes. He was reported today to be resting comfortably. It was regarded a miracle that the accident did not result more seriously.

The car is a complete wreck, it was said.

The Bee, Danville, VA 5 Jul 1923