Huntersville, VA Fire, Jan 1852

A Whole Village in Ashes!---A fire broke out on the night of the 9th inst., in the Columbia hotel, in Huntersville, Pocahontas county, Va., which destroyed the whole village, except the court-house. The landlord of the Columbian, together with this family, and Dr. Moffett, lady, children, and servants, who were boarders, barley escaped with their lives by leaping from the windows. Mrs. Moffett leaped from the second story window with her child in her arms, and is severely, if not fatally injured. Loss estimated at $15,000 or $20,000. Dr. Moffett lost $500 in money. Mr. Carpenter and family, of the Columbian hotel, did not save clothing enough even to cover themselves.

Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA 31 Jan 1852