Franklin City, VA Fire, May 1896


Destroyed by Fire in a Virginia Town, Yesterday.

Berlin, Md., May 17.---Twenty-five dwellings were destroyed by fire to-day at Franklin City, Va., 28 miles from here. The fire started in a frame building at the shore end of the pier, which was used as depot by the Maryland & Virginia railroad company, a branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The people turned out and forming a bucket brigade, tried to stop the headway of the fire. On the pier were a number of cars, which were consumed, and the roadbed was warped and torn up for a considerable distance.

Among the buildings destroped[sic] was the postoffice and a handsome Methodist church, which had been recently erected.

The loss cannot be estimated at this time.

The Wheeling Register, Wheeling, WV 18 May 1896