Upperville, VA TWA 727 Jet Crashes into Mount Weather, Dec 1974

TWA Crash into Mount Weather, Dec 1974 Mount Weather VA plane crash site.jpg Upperville, VA TWA 727 Crash site, photo by Stu Beitler

The airline released a list of the victims' names Sunday evening after relatives had been notified. Remains were taken to a makeshift morgue at the Bluemont Community Center, about five miles from the site. Rescue operations were halted at 8:15 p. m. Sunday because of fog, high winds and rain. They were to resume early Monday.

Dr. GEORGE HOCKER, Loudoun County medical examiner, said the plane hit just below the summit and cut a swath 60 to 70 yards wide and about a quarter of a mile long. "There were just chunks of metal and total destruction," he said.

Police initially sealed off the area within a five-mile radius to all but law enforcement and rescue officials. A reporter who viewed the wreckage several hours later said that much of it was still burning – and the largest single piece of metal he could find measured only five by 10 feet.

The Federal Aviation Administration said there were no unusual communications from the plane before the crash, "just routine flight conversation."

The flight had been scheduled to land at Washington's National Airport at 10:23 a. m. EST but was diverted to Dulles, a larger facility about 20 miles west of the nation's capital due to high winds.

When the Dulles tower lost radar contact 37 minutes later, it notified local authorities to initiate a search. CARVELLO said two state troopers found the wreckage almost immediately.

Rain and gusts of 25 to 43 knots were recorded in the area at the time, and police said the foul weather impeded efforts to get emergency equipment to the scene.

Apparently no one on the ground was hit by the crash, nor were any buildings. But a worker for the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co., said the wreckage had severed the main underground phone line into the secret government installation. It was restored after 2½ hours.

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Flight 514

I too had a ticket for 514 as I had gone to my cousin's wedding in Bloomington and spent Sunday with a Roommate from Georgetown who was in Medical School in Indianapolis. We drank too many beers and at5AM I called and changed my ticket tomthenfollowing day. When Imgot up at 9:00 I saw the news. Never did know what happened. When I got to work the following day(pan American Health). Carlos, who,I shared an office with turned white as a ghost as he knew I was on the flight old told everyone in the office I had died. Told this story many times over the years.

1974 TWA Crash at Upperville VA

I was intending to fly to Chicago for Thanksgiving with 3 sons to visit my parents in Indiana. I succeeded in getting reservations on United I think, for DC to O,Hare but there were no seats on any flight available for return. So I reserved TWA out of Indianapolis into Dulles. I went downtown DC to pay for the flights at the TWA office on K street. I had just gotten and cashed my paycheck, so I had the full amount in cash for the round trip for the boys and me in my purse. At the TWA counter I opened my purse, and the money was not there. I even dumped it out on the floor much to the upset of others and could not find the money. I called my parents and told them and said we would cancel the trip and try again Christmas. On the evening we would have been flying into Dulles, we were watching TV and saw the announcement of the crash. I went into my purse to get my address book to make a call, and a money envelope slid out on the bed. It was my fare money. i exploded in tears. I too don't know why God saved us, but I went on to remarry and have three more children. Bless the souls of those who perished. Thank you Jesus for saving me and my sons.

twa flight 514 crash

i had a ticket for that flight. i was visiting a friend in indianapolis for thanksgiving and had to get back to the george washington univ. in d.c. where i was a senior. i awoke that morning to several feet of snow. that and a slight hangover made me want to go back to bed, which i did. my friend was strongly urging me to get on the flight because all other flights that day were booked solid. i told him to leave me alone and told him i would just fly standby on a later flight.

i went back to sleep only to be awakened by a news bulletin on TV 2 or 3 hours later. the reporter said flight 514 had crashed into mt. weather, va, and that there were no survivors.

i still do not know why god spared my life. but i am very grateful. i pray for those who were not spared and hope that their families have found peace.

twa 514 passenger list

Luzille Mosley should be Lucille Mosley from Cicero Illinois by birth, living in Peru, Indiana at time of crash, my mother, Marty Mosley and myself both held tickets to the flight, grandma panicked and wouldn't let my mom on board, told us to go home, and she was not returning, and she didn't, she always kept her word.. they did this on purpose, to get equiptment up on that mountain, to do more building for F.E.M.A., president wasn't there 6 weeks earlier when they lined up the crash originally, wouldn't have been a "National Emergency" with out the president though right?

the NTSB investigation clearly makes reference to the crash 6 weeks previous that was averted, this was an intentional act, I firmly beleive that.