Randle, WA School Fire, Sept 1949

Vacation Continues

Morton (AP)- Students at Randle, in Eastern Lewis County, were still on vacation after destruction of their school by fire last week. Utilization of the Packwood grade school and vacant buildings in Randle was under considerations by the school board, but no decision had been reached. A proposal to secure war surplus Quonset huts was rejected as too expensive.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Walla Walla, WA 12 Sept 1949


Building of the new Randle School, on a site about a mile east of the community, is planned for this summer.

Randle, which has about 300 school youngsters, had its school center destroyed by fire in the fall of 1949. Since then school classes have been held in small, temporary buildings. The new center will be a combination high school and grade school, and will include a gymnasium and lunch room.

Daily Chronicle, Centralia, WA 13 Mar 1951


Will Dedicate Randle School

Randle-The new Randle school, which replaces one destroyed by fire in 1950 [sic], will be dedicated at 8 p.m., on April 18, it was announced Wednesday. A dedication dance will be held in the school’s gymnasium Saturday night, April 19.

The structure, costing over $400,000, will be dedicated with Max Berger, state supervisor of elementary education, delivering the main address. He will be introduced by Mrs. Florence Kennicott, Lewis county superintendent of schools.

The dance will be sponsored by the Randle Parent-Teacher association.

Daily Chronicle, Centralia, WA 9 Apr 1952