Port Angeles, WA Air Taxi Crashes, Feb 1969


Port Angeles, Wash. (AP) -- An air taxi plane crashed and burned on a dawn takeoff for Seattle Wednesday, killing the eight passengers and two pilots in the flaming wreckage.
The twin-engine Beechcraft Super H18, which operated on regular shuttle service between this city on the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Seattle about 60 air miles away, climbed steeply for about 200 feet, then stalled and crashed.
The victims included a couple returning to the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, a St. Paul, Minn., woman and the owner-operator of the air taxi line, known for his daring glacier landings.
Nathan Richardson, county coroner, said the plane recovered momentarily from the stall but the pilot apparently lost power and could not prevent the crash.
Those aboard were caught in the cabin as the wreckage burst into flames. The plane crashed in about one foot of snow 1,000 feet north of the main runway at the Clallam County Airport here.
Richardson said that among the passengers were MR. and MRS. KENNETH HUBER, Grand Forks, N.C. and MRS. VALERIE JANDL, 27, St. Paul. HUBER had been here for a job interview at the ITT-Rayonier, Inc., plant. MRS. JANDL had been staying with an aunt and uncle here since Christmastime, pending a divorce.
Other passengers were MRS. CECIL CONRAD, CANDACE CARLSON, MRS. VERNE ROBINSON and LARRY SCHINDLER, all of Port Angeles, and MRS. LAURA SPATH of nearby Sequim.
The pilots were BILL FAIRCHILD, 42, owner of the Angeles Flying Service, which operated the plane, and BILL BOOZE, 40, Fairchild, father of six children, was famed for his risky glacier landings on Mt. Olympus in Washington's Olympic Range where he flew in and supplied research teams.
BILL MEYERS, Port Angeles policeman and part-time mechanic for the flying service, witnessed the crash.
MEYERS said he knew the plane was in trouble from the start because it went immediately into an exceptionally steep climb, then stalled.
"The plane then made a sharp bank to the left and recovered in an almost normal altitude, but the pilot could not maintain altitude and crashed," he said.

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Candice Carlson

I met Candy Carlson the summer of 1964 while visiting relatives next door to her. We had such fun and I was invited back teh summer of 1965 to spend two weeks at her home. We saw each other one time after that - while going to college at different places. Then I never heard from her again. I heard through the grapevine that she had died in a plane crash but didn't look it up until now. What prompted me is that my husband and I are going to Port Townsend next week and it got me thinking of when I visited Port Angeles. She was so full of life. Now forty years later seeing this accident in print - I am grieving. Her family must have been devasted. Are there any more articles on this accident and the obituaries?