Seattle, WA Steamers DIX & JEANIE Collide, Nov 1906 - 41 Missing


Forty-one of the Passengers and Crew are Missing.


The Dix and the Jeanie Collide--Women in the Sinking Boat Drowned as in Trap--Saved Number 39.

Seattle, Nov. 19--The steamer Dix, Captain Lemon, from Seattle for Port Blakeley, with passengers, sank two miles north of Alki point last night, after having collided with the steamship Jeanie, Captain Mason, of the Alaska Coast Co. Forty-one passengers and members of the crew of the Dix are missing, and thirty-nine were saved. The Jeanie was uninjured and no member of her crew was lost. She carried no passengers. The master of the Dix was saved.

The steamers had been within sight of each other a quarter of an hour and the sound was smooth. Captain Mason says he signaled for the Dix to pass him and the whistle was answered. Suddenly Mate Dennison, at the wheel of the Dix, put her hard over to starboard as if to cross in front of the Jeanie. Mason shouted a warning to Dennison, and gave the signal to reverse his engines, and the Jeanie was slowly backing away when the two came together. The impact was slight, the Dix coming against the side of the large vessel. The Dix was struck abaft of amidship on the starboard side, listed heavily to port, righted herself, then sank stern first.

There was hardly time to launch the life rafts or the boats before she was entirely submerged. Passengers who could swim reached the sides of the Jeanie and were dragged aboard. The women stayed on the sinking steamer and were drowned as in a trap. When the Dix started to sink, many of the passengers and crew leaped into the sea, while others huddled in groups on the decks, some kneeling in prayer.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 19 Nov 1906