Port Townsend, WA Hotel Delgardno Fire, Jan 1905


Hotel Delgardno Gets Badly Scorched Sunday Morning.

About ten o'clock on Sunday morning a fire alarm announced a fire which upon investigation was found to be the old hotel Delgardno located on Water street across from the Red Front clothing store. The fire caught in the roof where the chimney from the range of the restaurant below passes through.

Before it was subdued it had considerably damaged both the hotel and restaurant beneath, the latter being more damaged by the water than the flames.

The hotel building is owned by James Delgardno, Sr., while the restaurant had btu[sic] recently started under the management of an old man by the name of Wright.

The damage to both places will amount to several hundred dollars and comes especially heavy on Wright from the fact that he had spent considerable in fixing up and had but just completed it as stated above. The roof of the building was burned through in a number of places and it was pretty badly gutted.

Port Townsend Daily Leader, Port Townsend, WA 13 Jun 1905



that's my grandfathers grandfather. I live in port angeles.

Dalgardno Hotel

I was very happy to read about the Dalgardno Hotel in Port Townsend because Captain Dalgardno was my G,G Geandfather!
Have you ever seen any pictures of the Captain or of the Hotel?