Seattle, WA Auto - Sawdust Truck Wreck, Nov 1941

Traffic Crash Fatal to Pair

Publisher of Seattle Suburban Weekly and Wife Die When Auto and Truck Collide

Seattle, Nov, 13. – (AP) – Mr. and Mrs. J. L. MANIRE, publishers of the Aurora Herald, suburban weekly, were killed today when their light sedan virtually was demolished in a collision with a sawdust truck.

Jack WILLIAMS, the truck driver, said the accident occurred during a driving rain, and could not be avoided. Neither he nor his companion, Ed LABADI, were hurt.

In another accident, Charles QUIETT, 65, apparently the victim of a hit-run driver, died at noon nine hours after he was found lying on a street near the south end of the Fremont bridge. He did not regain consciousness.

Former Oakville Publisher

The collision occurred on Aurera avenue, north of the city limits, when the coupe was entering the arterial highway, investigating officers said.

The MANIRES, who resided at Richmond Heights, moved there a year ago from Oakville, Grays Harbor county, where they also had published a weekly newspaper.

Daily Chronicle, Centralia, WA 13 Nov 1941