Happy Valley, WA House Fire, Feb 1911


Home of Mr. Pleasance, Near Wayson's Practically Destroyed.

Mr. Pleasance, employed as an upholsterer in the Stuart furniture store, yesterday lost his home in Happy Valley through a fire which broke out shortly after noon. City Treasurer and Mrs. Intermela, who were passing the house in their automobile, noticed smoke issuing from the windows and the doors. Upon investigating it was found that way. An alarm was turned in and the department responded promptly. The distance to the blaze was so great, however, that the house was very badly damaged before water could be thrown on the blaze. Two lines of hose were laid from a neighboring hydrant, and the blaze was quickly extinguished. A considerable portion of the furniture on the first floor was saved. No one was at home at the time the blaze started. From all indications the cause lay in a defective flue.

While making the run to the fire, and when going down the hill leading to the valley, the tongue to the hook and ladder wagon became detached, the horses running away and colliding with a telephone pole, piling themselves up by the side of the road and demolishing the harness. The cause of the accident was due to the breaking of one of the lines, which permitted the horses to lunge ahead and detached the pole from the wagon. The driver had a close call, but escaped injury.

Port Townsend Daily Leader, Port Townsend, WA 23 Feb 1911