Station Prarie Auto - Horse Wreck, Jun 1910


Horse Has Leg Broken and Machine Sustained Some Damage

Sunday while on his way to Tarboo in his new auto James O'Connor of the Tarboo shinglemill collided with a horse near Station prairie breaking the animal's leg and doing some damage to the machine. It appears that Mr. O'Connor was trying to pass the horse, which was running at large, and the horse started down the bank apparently to get out of the way, but just before the auto got abrest[sic] of the animal it jumped back into the road, directly in front of the machine, making the collision unavoidable. The horse had its leg broken and the machine was more or less damaged.

The poor animal lay beside the road for some time suffering from its injury before it was killed and put out of its misery. Mr. O'Connor tried to find the owner for the purpose of paying for the animal. It is said the horse belongs to a Chinese gardner[sic], but when he saw the damage to the auto would not claim the ownership for fear he would be held responsible for the damage done to the machine.

Port Townsend Daily Leader, Port Townsend, WA 28 Jun 1910