Mt. Spokane, WA Air Tanker Crash, Jan 1967

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Spokane, Wash. -- (UPI) -- Wreckage of an Air Force KC135 jet tanker plane missing with nine men aboard was found today on a ridge three miles southeast of Mt. Spokane.
There was no sign of survivors. Only one body was sighted.
Jerry Dietz, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, one of the two civilians who found the wreckage, said the plane came within a quarter-mile of making it over the ridge. The main fuselage and tail were intact.
Dietz said the plane did not skid after it crashed into the snow-covered forest. There was some indication of flash fires around the edge of the aircraft.
Dietz said he was led to the crash when he found a burned sleeve lying in a trail.
He was accompanied by Del Kerr, also of Coeur D'Alene.
The crash scene was near the spot where a KC135 from Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., crashed Sept. 10, 1962, killing all 44 persons aboard.
The tanker found today had vanished from radar and radio contact with Fairchild Air Force Base, 40 miles southwest of the crash site just after 6 p.m. Thursday.
It was approaching Fairchild from Hickham Field, Hawaii.
List of Casualties:
Lieutenant Colonel CLIFFORD J. AGENBROAD, age 44, instructor pilot, Nampa, Idaho.
Captain BILLY E. CAMMACK, age 33, aircraft commander, Matador, Texas.
Airman First Class TERRY O. FLETCHER, aircraft mechanic, Pasco, Washington.
Captain VALENTIN F. HEMM, age 35, aviation psychologist, Mount Dora, Florida.
Airman Third Class MICHAEL R. KERR, age 20, aircraft mechanic.
Master Sergeant ORVILLE MONTGOMERY, age 38, refueling boom operator, Saginaw, Michigan.
Staff Sergeant RALPH D. OGLE, age 33, maintenance crew chief, Watertown, Tennessee.
Captain JAMES O. WAKELAND, age 27, navigator, Godley, Texas.
Captain HERBERT O. ZOELLER, age 30, pilot, Watertown, Wisconsin.

Press Telegram Long Beach California 1967-01-20