Walville, WA Boiler Explosion, Dec 1904


Chehalis, Wash., Dec. 30 -- Three men were killed instantly and two injured, one so badly that he died soon afterward, by an explosion of four boilers at the sawmill plant of Walworth & Neville at Walville, Wash. The explosion occurred immediately after the mill started for the afternoon run. The dead:
R. C. HICKS, single, 32 years of age; has relatives in West Virginia.
FRANK DOWELL, 38 years old, married; wife and child at Walville; came from Missouri.
PRES EPLING, single, 26 years of age; brother and sister at Walville.
ROY ICKES, single, 26 years of age; relatives at Decatur, Mich.; died soon after the explosion.
The injured:
W. BUCHANAN, 22 years of age, single; probably fatally injured.
ELIAS PACQUETTE, scalded; will recover.
Walworth & Neville is a Chicago, Ill., firm.
The cause of the explosion is unknown. The mill plant has been shut down for repairs, and only sufficient steam was kept up to run the cross arm factory and the dry kiln. The boilers were inspected by the official inspector of an insurance company not over 10 days ago, and were then pronounced in good condition.
The plant is located on Rock Creek, 27 miles west of Chehalis, on the Chehalis & South Bend railroad. When the mill is running 100 men are employed.
The fact that the mill proper was not in operation counts for the small number of killed.
The mill was badly wrecked by the explosion, the damage being estimated at several thousand dollars.

Pullman Herald Washington 1904-12-31