Seattle, WA Auto And Bus Collide, Nov 1955


Seattle -- (AP) -- A Seattle motorist was killed and 15 persons aboard a Greyhound bus were injured in the head-on crash of the two vehicles at midnight Friday on U.S. 99 one mile north of the Snohomish -- King County line.
WALTER G. SHAW, 26, died in the crash as his car, traveling at high speed, was jammed halfway beneath the front end of the bus.
None of the injured was hurt critically. Nine were Canadians. They also included the bus driver, ROBERT K. ADAMS, 27, Rt. 2, Bellingham.
State Patrolman Bryan Tennant said the automobile in front of SHAW slowed to make a left turn and SHAW'S car struck it on the left fender. The glancing impact sent the Seattle vehicle swerving into the path of the south-bound bus.
The bus company reported BLANCHE JEUDE, Rt. 3, Bellingham, one of the passengers, was hospitalized with a possible leg fracture.

Daily Chronicle Centralia Washington 1955-11-19