Edgewick, WA Boxley Dam Break Flooding, Dec 1918

Boxley WASH Bursting dam 12-23-1918 2.jpg Boxley WASH bursting dam 12-23-1918.jpg


Seattle, Wash., Dec. 24. -- Damage estimated at approximately $250,000 was caused, fifteen families were rendered homeless and the little village of Edgewick was all but wiped out when the impounded waters of the Cedar River basin broke through a wooden dam on Boxley Creek, just above Edgewick, at 2 o'clock this morning. The flood is believed by city officials to have resulted from the flooding of the Cedar River reservoir for test purposes recently.
Fifteen of the eighteen homes in Edgewick were swept away, together with the main mill of the North Bend Lumber Company. Another mill of the same company was badly damaged.
Other damage included the washing away of a mill belonging to the Innovation Shingle Company, submerging of 1000 feet of Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway track and flooding of a number of houses in North Bend, about five miles west of Edgewick.
No loss of life resulted from the accident because CHARLIE MOORE, night watchman at the North Bend Mill, tied down the whistle when he observed the dam giving way and aroused each family in Edgewick.

Oakland Tribune California 1918-12-24