Mt. Olympus, WA Mountain Climber Dies, Aug 1954


Port Angeles, Wash. - (AP) - A mountain climber trapped in a crevasse by his own heroism was found dead last night on towering Mt. Olympus.
Doctors said DR. ANTHONY LEVY, 30, a University of California research biochemist from Berkeley, had been dead about nine hours before his body was reached by a rescue party.
He had been trapped deep in a crevasse at the top of the 7,954-foot peak which stands in the center of Olympic National Park.
LEVY, with four others, was climbing the mountain Saturday when one of the party DICK NEAL of Seattle, slipped into the crevasse, breaking a leg in the fall.
LEVY volunteered to go down into the crevasse and help get NEAL out. The efforts to rescue NEAL were successful, but LEVY, exhausted by his efforts, could not get out himself and attempts by the other three to bring him to the surface failed.

Ogdensburg Journal New York 1954-08-23