Moses Lake, WA Head On Auto Collision, Oct 1958


Moses Lake, Wash. (AP) - Five persons were killed and five injured in the high-speed, head-on crash of two automobiles 10 1/2 miles east of here shortly before midnight Saturday.
The accident wiped out three members of a Spokane, Wash., family and left two others near death. A relative also was among the dead.
In one car were four airmen from Larson Air Force Base, near here, returning from the Washington State - Southern California football game in Spokane. The Spokane family was homeward bound from a trip.
The dead were MRS. MARJEAN HAROLD, 30, of Spokane; a daughter, MARY, 9; a son, DALE, 5; a brother-in-law, VERNON HAROLD, 18, and Airman 3.C. EDWARD L. TIGHE, 21, of Derby, N.Y.
GEORGE HAROLD, 28, the father, and a 2-year-old son, NEAL, were injured critically and hospital attendants said they may not live.
Also injured, but less seriously, were Sgt. THOMAS CZYZ, 19; Airman 1.C. JOSEPH MENDALOFF, 25, and UBALDO RUYBAL, 27.
The accident occurred on U.S. Highway 10, the main highway between here and Spokane.

Statesman Journal Salem Oregon 1958-10-27