Edwall, WA Airplane Crash, Jan 1951

We didn't see it before the crash because it came so fast, we didn't know which way to look. It was snowing and blowing fairly hard.
It is still burning out there (an hour after the crash).
It was headed back toward Spokane. If it was flying toward Seattle it must have turned around to fly back to Spokane. It was awful low over the house. It was frightening.
I think it was about 12:30 p. m. There was quite a bit of confusion so I'm not really sure, but it was just about 12:20.

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Washington 1951-01-16


EDWALL (Lincoln county) (AP) - A twin-engined passenger plane carried 10 persons to their deaths Tuesday as it hurtled down through the snow and crashed near an eastern Washington farmhouse.
All aboard the plane died - seven passengers and three crew members of Northwest Airlines.
Pilot LLOYD RICKMAN of Seattle said in his last radio message he was at an elevation of 6,000 feet and "in trouble."
The plane - a Martin 202 capable of carrying 36 passengers - crashed and burned on the L. E. BUNDY farm near this little Lincoln county town about 20 miles west of Spokane. It had taken off from Spokane 15 or 20 minutes before on a flight to Seattle.

Passengers Listed.
The passengers aboard were listed by the company as:
C. EDWARDS, Yakima.
W. J. CRAFT, San Francisco.
MR. AND MRS. G. J. MILLIGAN, Fairfax, Va.
W. H. GOODLOVE, San Francisco.
The crew members were:
EDMUND GANDER, 28, Co-Pilot.
JOANN TABOR, 22, Stewardess.
All were from Seattle.

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Washington 1951-01-17