Wenatchee, WA Auto Collision Kills 11, Aug 1994


Wenatchee, Wash. (AP) - A Chevy Blazer crossed the center line of a highway and crashed into a sedan carrying a family returning from a vacation in Mexico, killing 11 people. Five of the victims were children.
The collision ruptured the fuel line on the Blazer, spewing gasoline on both vehicles and incinerating the drivers and passengers, state police said. No one survived the late Sunday night crash.
Authorities did not know whether any of the victims were wearing seat belts.
"They were all burned to death so you can't tell. We couldn't even tell whether they were male or female. It was really grisly," said patrol Lt. Bob Dale.
Authorities said they didn't know at what speed the vehicles were traveling or why the southbound Blazer veered across the center line into the northbound lanes of U.S. 97-A, just north of this central Washington city. The weather was clear and dry at the time of the crash.

Montana Standard Butte 1994-08-23

The names of the fatalities:
In the sedan were:
his wife NORMA PACHECO, 27;
their daughters NORMA, 6, and LUCILA, 4;
their sons RIGOBERTO, 3, and DANIEL, 2; all of Manson.
HECTOR SANDOVAL, 22, a relative of Norma Pacheco;
ANTONIO NAVA, 30, lived in Mexico;
Another child remained unidentified.

In the Blazer:
DANNY ADAMSON, 18, of Cashmere;
JASON SUTHERLAND, 21, of Cashmere.