Spokane, WA Auto And Train Crash, May 1970



Spokane, Wash. (UPI) - Eight members of one family were killed when their station wagon was hit by a speeding 53-car freight train.
The tragedy yesterday took the lives of a mother and her seven children and was the worst in the state since 1952 when a pickup and an oil tanker collided north of Yakima, killing nine.
The victims were identified as MRS. KATHERINE L. KRANK, 36, the driver; her four daughters, RHONDA, 17; AUDREY, 16; ANITA and BARBARA, both 6 1/2; and three sons, KENNETH, 14; DANA, 13; and DAVID, 11.
A ninth passenger, CARLA KRANK, 8, was the sole survivor of the wreck and was listed in serious condition at Valley General Hospital.
The station wagon was northbound when it entered the path of the train, estimated to be traveling at 55-65 miles per hour. The impact of the crash threw the mangled vehicle against a tall metal signal standard, ripping it from its base and hurling it 30 feet down the tracks.

Pittsburgh Press Pennsylvania 1970-05-07