Colton, WA Headon Collision Kills Seven, Aug 1946


Colfax, Wash., Aug. 5. (AP) - Seven persons were killed in a head-on collision between two cars shortly after midnight Saturday night a mile north of nearby Colton.
The dead are CLARENCE SLOPPY, 44; and his wife, 32, of Clarkston, Wash.; JACK L. FULLERTON, 31, Vancouver, Wash.; LOUIS E. KEPHART, 64, Clarkston; ELLA MAE RICHARDS, 26, Vancouver; and FRED CLOWER, 39, and his wife, 37, of Pullman, Wash.
All were killed instantly except FULLERTON who died at the Bryant and Wiseman Clinic here eight hours after the crash.
STAN HENSEN and ROBERT SCHRANCK, 23 year old harvest workers from Mankato, Minn., who hitched a ride with SLOPPY to return to Colton, are expected to recover from serious injuries.
The bodies were brought to Colfax with the exception of CLOWERS, taken to Pullman, Wash.
HENSEN and SCHRANCK were quoted by Deputy Sheriff Melvin Nickerson as saying they were riding with SLOPPY along a straight stretch of road when lights suddenly loomed up directly in front of them. The crash, they said, followed and they knew no more.

The Post-Register Idaho Falls Idaho 1946-08-05