Seattle, WA Bus Crash Kills Spokane Ball Team, Jun 1946

Seven of Spokane Ball Team Die In Bus Crash.

Nine Hurt In Plunge Down Steep Slope

Tragedy Strikes Indians of W. I. League While On Way to Play Series With Bremerton.

SEATTLE (AP) – Survivors of a mountain bus wreck which took the lives of seven Spokane Western International league baseball players and injured nine other persons Monday night said Tuesday an unidentified “wrong side” driver caused their chartered bus to leave the highway and plunge down a precipitous hill.

“I saw the headlights coming toward us on the wrong side of the road,” said LEVI McCORMACK, 33-year-old Spokane outfielder, told newsmen at Harborview county hospital. “The road was slippery. Our driver applied his breaks. We swerved across the road into the guardrail. We went through. We went down. I've never heard such hell. I don't know why we didn't smash the other driver. It might have been better.”

BEN GERAUGHTY, 31, a second baseman, corroborated McCORMACK'S account.

“I saw the lights coming,” he said. “The car was on the wrong side. We either tried to miss it or skidded. I don't know. I went out a window too quick to tell.”

The accident occurred at 8 p. m. (PST) on a straight stretch of road four miles west of the Cascade mountain summit, on Snoqualmie pass highway, about 50 miles east of Seattle.

The bus, taking the team from Spokane to Bremerton, for a baseball series, smashed through guardrail cable and caught fire as it hurtled down a steep slope.

The driver and eight other players were injured, several critically.

One survivor described the victims as being “scattered all over the hill.”

Dead Listed
Identified as dead are:
First Baseman VIC PICETTI, of San Francisco, who formerly played with Oakland and was described as “the most promising young player on the Pacific coast last season.” He died en route to a Seattle hospital.
GEORGE C. RISK, 27, infielder from Hillsboro, Ore.
FREDERICK T. MARTINEZ, an infielder from San Diego.
Manager MEL COLE of Wenatchee.
BOB KINNAMAN, former Washington State college pitcher from Brooklyn, Wash.
Outfielder BOB JAMES of Tempe, Ariz.
Outfielder BOB PATTERSON of San Francisco.

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