Seattle, WA Pier Fire, Oct 1915


Half Million-Dollar Fire, of Incendiary Origin is Third in Three Days – Time Fuse is Theory of Blaze.

SEATTLE, Wash., Oct. 28. – Fire, supposedly of incendiary origin, destroyed tonight Pier 14 at the foot of Broad street occupied by Dodwell & Co., Ltd., agents for the Blue Funnel line of British steamers, with much valuable merchandise, entailing a loss of probably more than $500,000.
Two alleged attempts to destroy Pier 14 by fire were made early last Tuesday. Both fires were started in piles of rattan stacked on top of rolls of paper.

See Time Fuse.
Fire department officials said they believed both these fires originated from a time fuse.

In the blaze tonight Japanese and Chinese merchandise, just arrived on the steamer Ixion was destroyed. Part of the Ixion’s cargo of silk, values at $3,000,000, had previously been sent East. It is said that large shipments of war supplies for the allies were stored on the pier.

The Blue Funnel line steamers have been taking barbed wire, machinery and implements of war across the Pacific. The Ixion on her next trip was booked to stop at Vladlyostok with supplies for Russia.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 29 Oct 1915