Port Townsend, WA Steamer PACIFIC Wreck, Nov 1875

SS Pacific.jpg


SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10.----A dispatch to the Merchants' Exchange from Port Townsend says the United States revenue steamer Oliver Wolcott, at 3 o'clock on Monday morning last, picked up one of the crew of the foundered steam-ship Pacific on a raft thirty miles inside the Straits of Fuca. He says Capt Howell was drowned from the same raft, and that the Pacific was struck by a vessel under full sail.

A dispatch from San Francisco dated several hours later than the above says: "The man of the crew of the lost steamer Pacific rescued by the revenue steamer Oliver Wolcott California passed in plain sight of the raft on which he was when picked up, while there were still several others surviving. Other vessels also passed in their vicinity. Two boats got away from the wreck. The Oliver Wolcott has also recovered one or two dead bodies. The steamer Gussie Telefair reports having seen a vessel in distress outside the Cape, with her flag union down, and her bowsprit gone, which was undoubtedly the vessel that was in collision with the Pacific. The Gussie Telfair has recovered three dead bodies.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Nov 1875