Clark County, WA forest fire, Aug 1910


Clark County Folk to Be Given Relief at Once.


Yacoit Is Safe and Damage Near Camas is Not as Great as Was at First Believed - Blaze Sweeps Up Davis Peak.

VANCOUVER, Wash., Aug. 25 - (Special.) - That forest fires in Clark County yesterday have destroyed more than $2,000,000 worth of property, made 800 persons homeless and thrown 2000 men out of work is estimated tonight by timbermen.

Most of the fires are under control. One at Mason's Ferry, just across the line from Etna, in Cowlitz County, however, is reported to be sweeping up the ridge of Davis Peak and settlers are burying their furniture and fleeing. The timber of the Western Timber Company, the Northern Pacific Railroad Company and the Marble Creek Lumber Company is on fire. The plant of the last named company seems doomed.

On Cedar Creek 300 men in the employ of the Harvey Milling Company, and the Dayton Mill Company are fighting to save the Dayton mill. These holdings are reported safe tonight.

Vancouver to Aid Sufferers.

The Vancouver Commercial Club will hold a special meeting tomorrow night to devise means to relieve the suffering of the homeless, raise funds and secure provisions for the needy. Mayor Kiggins has also called a special meeting of the Council. The Commercial Club will consider a suggestion that money subscribed for the Clark County Harvest Show, scheduled for next month, be diverted into the relief fund.

The fish hatchery on Basket Creek had a narrow escape. Lem Tomlinson, the superintendent, with his family and 40 others, were driven to Heissen, where 200 people slept in J.E. Pettite's cornfield last night. Tomlinson found today that his home had not been burned, but 40 families in that vicinity are homeless.

Ryan & Allen's mill at Heissen, worth $50,000, was burned at 8 o'clock last night. This mill was recently built and had a long run before it. A new mill can be put in to cut the burned timber. Twenty-two houses also burned there.

The fire at Shanghal has died down. Blair's mill and 20 homes were destroyed. Sheriff Sappington took tents for ten families to Shanghal today. A band of sheep was burned to death on the Haben place. J.G. Eddings, chairman of the County Commissioners, has ordered George Gassaway, road supervisor, and a crew of 20 men to go to Heissen, open the roads and assist the settlers. Many bridges are burned. In the Swedish colony on Bell's Mountain 16 families lost their homes.

Several barns at Yacolt burned, but the fire is not close to the town tonight.

Damage Less Than Supposed.

The fire on Larch Mountain has about burned through Pittock and Leadbetter's timber, but the damage will not be as great as was first reported. The fire did not climb very high on the trees. Riley's camp was destroyed.

J.M. Speer, foreman for Pittock & Leadbeter, who went to the fire in his machine today, met with an accident in which the automobile was turned on its side. Mr. Speer escaped injury. B.M. Faler, who left Camas yesterday morning to search for his daughter, who was in a cabin on ther coal claim near Speer's camp, walked into Woodburn east of Camas this morning. His daughter had escaped the flames.

Six men last heard of at Wild Boy's camp are still missing, and it is thought they are dead. The 250 men in the Twin Falls Logging Company's camps, which are behind a fire, have not been heard from, but are thought safe.

Fire is reported on the peak of Cape Horn.

At Lucia Supr the F.M. Kettenring family spent last night on a raft of logs. At Eureka the people escaped only by wrapping themselves in wet blankets and running through the flames.

Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR 26 Aug 1910


Forest Fires Destroy Some and Make Posting of Others Impossible.

VANCOUVER, Wash., Aug. 25 - (Special.) - Election noticies for the primary election to be held in Clark County September 13 are being posted by the County Auditor's office, but it is reported that all of them throughout the county have been burned down by the forest fires.

Some of the notices must be posted at once, as required by law, and those to be posted will be in a district where forest fires are raging. If they are not posted the question will arise, "Was the election legal?" All notices must be posted to make an election legal.

Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR 26 Aug 1910