Rockport, WA Fire Destroys Hotel, Sept 1952

Hotel On Fire


Rockport -- In the biggest blaze that has occurred in the upper valley in many years the Rockport Hotel, a landmark of that community since 1900, burned to the ground Sunday morning.
The fire started in a bath room on the upper floor. It was found by MARVIN OLSON, who gave the alarm and awakened the other people in the building. It apparently started about 6:30 in the morning, the Rockport Volunteer Fire Department was on the job immediately and for a time were able to hold the flames in check in three rooms upstairs. Soon the blaze began to set other parts of the building on fire and they were unable to stop the spread.
Meanwhile volunteer workers had removed some furniture from the lower floors, the Concrete Fire Dept. pumper arrived on the scene about 7 a.m. and began pumping water from the river. By this time the two pumpers and all available hydrants could only check the fire and prevent spread to nearby buildings.
The building was owned by MR. and MRS. GURNEY STAFFORD, who have been operating the hotel and tavern since they purchased it from NEIL McLEOD two years ago. In the building at the time of the fire were MRS. STAFFORD and children DONNIE and RITA ANN, MISS DORIS KELLER and MR. OLSON.
Chief BILL FRITZINGER of the Rockport Fire Dept. expressed thanks to those who helped his men during the fire, but also noted that some of the spectators lack good "fire manners" by running cars over the hose and otherwise causing inconvenience and damage.

The Concrete Herald Washington 1952-09-11