Olympia, WA Dock Fire, Jun 1909


Dump Fire Extends to Trestle and Fears for Powder Are Excited.

The old dock at the foot of Main street, caught fire at about 6 o'clock last night from the fire at the city waste dump and a telephone alarm brought the department to the scene. A small detached chemical got the blaze under control in such short order that the crowd that followed the apparatus were furnished with little entertainment.

A blaze that threatens the old city dock, no matter how slight the chances for a conflagration of any importance, always causes a more or less nervous tension until it is put out. This is because there is stored on the dock enough powder to make Olympia look like a map of the desert of Sahara if it were to take a notion to go off in one grand pyrotechnic display.

The face, however, that Street Commissioner Weston is boss of the big bon fire at the dump serves to assure the people that it will always be carefully watched and that helps some.

Morning Olympian, Olympia, WA 16 Jun 1909