Pullman, WA Flood, Mar 1910

Main Street - Pullman, WA Flood 1910, photo from familyoldphotos.com

Streets Ten Feet Deep With Water

Floods Do Big Damage at Pullman.

City Has No Light Or Fuel

Power Plant Blocked and Water for Houses Cut Off.

Bridges Carried Away

O.R. & N. Coal Bunkers Take Fire From Slaking of Line and Are Destroyed-Four Homes Are Swept Down Palouse River.

Pullman, Wash., March 1, via Dayton, March 2-(By Courier.)-Tuesday night there was between five and ten feet of water in the streets of Pullman and a terrific current, which is sweeping through the town, has done heavy damage. One Northern Pacific and two O.R. & N. bridges have been swept out above Pullman, and the bridge timbers sweeping down through the business district played havoc with several stores.

Timbell’s undertaking and furniture store was carried out, the stock of coffins and pieces of furniture floating off on the tide together with the hearse.

Homes Are Carried Away.

Scott’s bakery was wrecked, likewise a tailor shop and a newly-established piano store. In the latter case its stock of nine pianos was swept off down stream.

Four small residences have been swept away, but up to last night no lives had been lost. The Alton Hotel has been abandoned.

One of the most serious phases of the flood is the fuel famine. This condition includes the Agricultural College. No property damage has been suffered by the college.

Lots of Water; None to Drink.

There is no light ad the city is without drinking water owing to the flooding of the light and water works.

A Northern Pacific freight train is stalled on the outskirts of the city, and the Oregon Railroad & Navigation Company’s coal bunkers have burned down, owing to the slacking of some line stored in them. Because of the chaotic condition, any estimate of the damage is beyond possibility.

Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR 3 Mar 1910