Tacoma, WA Accident, May 1908


Tacoma, May 11—John Brown, a laborer, 34 years of age, meta horrible death in the South Tacoma yards" of the Northern Pacific railroad early Saturday morning.During the night patrolman had found him wandering about South Tacoma and had placed him in the detention station until about four o'clock when Brown was placed aboard a south bound freight train; A little later his mangled body was found along the tracks. He had either fallen of was thrown off the train and crushed under the wheels Dragged for Long Distance.
Parts of the" body were scattered along the track for folly a hundred feet, and there were evidences that the unfortunate man had been dragged for nearly three blocks as his watch and pocketbook were picked a quarter of a mile from where the mangled body was
found. The remains were taken to the C.'C.Mellinger company, undertaking parlors where Joe Kobe, a fellow 'countryman of the deceased', identified the watch and pocketbook as the property of Brown. The unfortunate man expected to find work in Centralia.

Source: Centralia Daily Chronicle May 11, 1908 Front Page