Newburg, WV Mine Explosion, Dec 1960


Kingwood, W. Va. (AP) -- A mine explosion that sounded like a "great gust of wind" brought tragedy Wednesday upon the nearby community of Newburg.
TRUMAN BURKE and JAMES TARLETON, both about 24 and residents of Newburg, were trapped deep within the Sanford Phillips coal mine when a gas explosion brought down tons of slate to block their route to freedom.
Rescuers from this area as well as from Morgantown found their bodies shortly before last midnight.
Federal and state mine inspectors planned to enter the mine today to investigate.
The mine, operated by Sanford Phillips, is located about 13 miles southwest of here. It had been idle for several days because of the holidays, but employes entered Wednesday to bring out some loose coal.
Phillips and a foreman had just left the tunnel when the blast occurred. Phillips said the explosion sounded like "a great gust of wind" and sent coal dust spewing to a distance he estimated at 300 feet outside the mouth of the mine.

Port Angeles Evening News Washington 1960-12-29