Charleston, WV Scalping, Jun 1956

The Charleston Gazette, Sunday, June 3, 1956
"Cabin Creek Miner Injured in Accident"

A Cabin Creek miner was "scalped" in a three-inch spot on top of his head last night when a car in which he was riding crashed into a bridge near his home. Joseph Paul Coley, 30, of Ronda, an employee of the Truax-Traer Coal Co., received the unusual injury in a wreck at Dawes. He was taken to Bolarsky Memorial Hospital in Kanawha City, where he is reported in "satisfactory" condition. At the hospital, Coley told attendants he had been riding with Kenneth Ray Horton of Miami when their car struck a bridge abuttment, knocking Coley unconscious. The miner said that, when he regained consciousness, Horton was gone from the wrecked car. Coley, bleeding from the head wound, flagged a passing car, which took him to the hospital.