Huntington, WV Infant Drowns in Bath, May 1955

Huntington, WV May 24, 1955

Infant Drowns in Bath; Firemen Called Too Late

A 10-month old baby girl drowned in a home bathtub accident yesterday afternoon with the mother apparently unaware that the fire department could be called for rescue work.

The girl was Carla Dianna Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Taylor, 1121 Twentieth Street. Fire Lieutenant Henry Grant, who said the fire department rescue squad was not summoned until approximately 25 minutes after the accident, gave these details:

The mother was bathing the child in the bathtub and turned around to get a cloth. she asked another daughter, Katherine Jane, about 19 months old and also in the tub to watch Carla Dianna. When Katherine Jane screamed the mother returned to the tub and found the baby face down in the water.

Lieutenant Grant said the mother and an unidentified elderly woman worked with the baby for several minutes and then carried her across the street to a physician's office, who was out at the time. A nurse, Lieutenant Grant said, told them apparently the baby was dead. The two women then took the child back home, Lieutenant Grant said.

A call was then made to a funeral home for an ambulance to take the child to a hospital, and a neighbor suggested calling the fire department. Lieutenant Grant said firemen used a pulmotor for several minutes even though it was apparent that the child already had succumbed. A physician who had been summoned pronounced the child dead.

"Apparently the mother and observers were not aware that the fire department performs such rescue operations or the department would have been called sooner," Lieutenant Grant said.

Surviving in addition to the parents and sister are the paternal grandparents, Mrs. Evelyn McCann of Proctorville and Fred Taylor of Huntington, and the maternal grandmother, Mrs. Katherine Brewer of Huntington. The body is at the Cavendish-Johnson Funeral Home.

Source: Huntington Herald Dispatch; 24 May 1955