Charleston, WV Historic Bridge Collapses, Dec 1904

Charleston WV Elk River Bridge Collapse 1904-12-15.jpg


Three Girls Killed and Four Other Persons Injured in West Virginia.

Charleston, West Va., Dec. 15. -- Three girls were killed and four other persons seriously injured to-day by the collapse of the suspension bridge across the Elk River, which connects East and West Charleston.
On the bridge were six children on their way to school and a number of other pedestrians, together with six teams. Those who went down with the wreckage fell forty feet into the ice-covered river.
The steamer 'Baxter' broke the ice to allow small boats to reach the scene and the rescue work began. The bodies of MAMIE HIGGINBOTHAM, eleven years old, and ANNIE HUMPHREYS, seventeen years, were taken out. OLIVE GIBBS, fifteen years old, was among those rescued alive, but she succumbed to her injuries.
The bridge was a single span, 500 feet in length, and was built in 1852. During the civil war the cable of this bridge was cut by Gen. WISE when he evacuated Charleston, the bridge at the same time being partially burned. The same cable was afterward spliced and has been in use ever since.

The New York Times New York 1904-12-16