Long Run, WV Severe Storm, July 1892



Wheeling, W. Va., July 25. -- The severe storm which passed over this portion of the country last night was more disastrous in its results than was at first dreamed of. It is now known that there was considerable loss of life besides some destruction of property by the lightning. On Long Run, in Marshal county, a few miles south of Wheeling, an entire family on nine persons is reported to have been swept from the face of the earth by a sudden flood, following a cloudburst. The family consisted of VAN DOTY and wife, their three children, DOTY'S father and mother, MRS. DOTY'S mother and a servant girl. The house was situated in a ravine and was swept away by the torrent, not one of the sleeping occupants being left to tell the tale. The first known of the disaster was the finding of the body of the servant girl this morning in the yard of a neighbor, some distance below where the fated house stood. Another house was swept away by the same torrent, but all the occupants are believed to have escaped. At Proctor, on the Ohio River railroad, a long trestle was washed out and a freight train was wrecked. Twenty-eight cars were piled up and Engineer WILL BEASLEY, of Parkersburg, was injured so that his leg had to be amputated today.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1892-07-26