Milwaukee, WI train wreck, Aug 1909


A stock car filled with cattle was derailed and five head of cattle were killed in the Milwaukee yards this morning between six and seven o'clock. Work was going on in the yards at laying the rails on the "Y," and one of the rails had not yet been fastened securely into position. While the stock train was being switched, it was backed onto this rail, and the rail giving way, let one of the cars roll over, with the result that five of the cattle were killed. As the train was moving very slowly, it as [sic] possible to stop it very quickly and the damage did not extend beyond this one car. The main track was not occupied so that traffic was not delayed at all by the accident. The train consisted of twenty-seven cars of cattle which were being shipped from old Mexico to the range west of the Missouri.

The Aberdeen Daily News, Aberdeen, SD 24 Aug 1909